Keiko’s Story

I was going to post something this morning – but a different story touched me.  Check out nycgadgetgirl’s blog for Keiko’s Story.

Honestly, when you add a dog to your family there is a certain commitment that you’ve made that you will look after her.  She has no rights, no one to speak for her but you.  When you tire of her, she is a living being with thoughts and feelings who should not be set aside like a toy or video game. If you cannot see to her well-being anymore, then find a home for her – especially easy when there are groups such as NYCSR that are willing to take her and find her a home.

And worse to lie to a vet to convince them to put her down – she cannot speak in her defense. You condemn her with your lies to circumvent ethics. That isn’t just betraying her, but manipulating the vet to betray his/her ethics as well.

I tried hard to put myself into the owner and daughter’s shoes to understand the reasoning behind the decision. There are just too many things I disagree with when it comes to the owner’s daughter’s actions and what she did to Keiko. I’m also a bit curious as to why the daughter is putting the owner into assisted living as well – but there aren’t enough details to form an opinion in that aspect.


  1. Sophie says:

    omg… I’m disgusted. What a horrible, horrible human being. Karma is a bitch.

  2. Karen says:

    Truthfully I did not read the story yet, but it cannot be as bad as the guy in Philadelphia who locked his dogs in their crates without food and water while he fled the area . . . they all (3 dogs) died of starvation and heat. No idea how people can treat living creatures this way.

  3. Angela says:

    I can’t and won’t read it. Cruelty to animals upsets me. I can’t even watch most animal movies (Black Beauty, etc) because it upsets me so.

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