Halloween, Renn Faires…maybe cons

Really Hot Red Riding Hood Corset CUSTOM FIT

Really Hot Red Riding Hood Corset CUSTOM FIT

I am so absolutely excited about my newly acquired bodice/corset. Seriously, it’s gorgeous.

So obviously, I plan to be Red Riding Hood this year. Not so little, I know, but with a kickin’ red hood.  The hubby? I shall tack a wolf tail to his @$$ and put a sign on him that says, “I’m a werewolf, don’t piss me off.” Call that a day. (For those not in the know, hubby hates costumes with a passion, so getting him into costume for Halloween is close to impossible and definitely impossible any other time of the year.)

This fantastic corset is made by Damsel in this Dress. She sells ready made items on her shop on Etsyand also does custom orders. She does faires and cons as well, but most of those are nowhere near where I’m located. She also has an entertaining blog.

I was actually pointed in her direction by a steampunk author. My curiosity is peaked by the possibilities in steampunk and I think it’s interesting that there’s a lot of close fashion going on in some anime cons as well – not steampunk, by their definition, but it looks close to my uneducated eye. She has a wonderful Empire Corsair set that I absolutely drool over – with a steampunk look in mind. I may save my pennies and order a custom set from her next year along with one of her lovely bustle skirts. It’d be pricey, but so worth it.

Either way, I saw this bodice and fell in love. Incidentally, I haven’t been to a Renn Faire in years and years – but Lisa and Joe expressed an interest in going, as did Alexd00 (even though he and I say we’ll try to go every year). It looks like we’re all going to hit PA Renn Faire this month. I’m seriously thinking about test driving this corset, even though it’s obviously not period in color. But hey, no one from our group will mind. I’m going to try to coax Lisa into one of my other bodices as well, so that I won’t be alone in the wearing of garb. My only conundrum is finding a set of skirts to match properly. I’ve got a white skirt…could use some sort of contrasting over skirt/scarf. Dunno yet. I shall have to receive bodice and try a few combinations.

I’m also fairly certain I could incorporate this into a lolligoth outfit for Otakon or PhilCon (which I’m attending in November with KennyCelican, Hel and Mandy).  The outfit combinations are fairly flexible and the hood is removable so I could remove it if I so chose. We shall see. 😉


  1. Jenna says:

    OMG! Totally freaking awesome! I so love this corset!

  2. prajantr says:

    The corset is fantastic. I love it! I would definitely recommend ordering from Damsel in this Dress if you’re ever shopping for a corset. This one was very well made.

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